Founded in 1999 and firmly established in 2009, Sweet Luvs cheesecakes are known for their freshness, exquisite flavors, and homemade quality. Sweet Luvs has been quite successful in our product and notably in our business doing birthday parties, customer appreciation gifts, bridal showers, wedding party favors, real estate open houses, and office parties/gifts. 

Sweet Luvs Cheesecakes seeks to improve our products with finer quality ingredients, creative designs and avenues to serve you better. 

Sweet Luvs Cheesecakes’ goal is to provide homemade cheesecakes, beaten by hand, with unique and exquisite flavors to the metro Atlanta area while expanding in other metro areas. 

Thank you for visiting Sweet Luvs Cheesecakes and we look forward to serving you cheesecakes made with luv.